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Web Design and Social Media go hand in hand

Social Media is now an integral part of our daily lives as more number of the mobile phone users sign up for their social media account. In fact the mobile devices have lot to do with this rapid raise in the interest of Social Media. Social Media is used for several purposes like for sharing […]

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An Android App can Help Boost Your Business

Android App has a great amount of potential in just about any industry. For example an Android app for a Bank can bring almost all the important and daily routine tasks of a bank to your phone. Not only does this give the user flexibility of time, it also speeds up the process of transactions […]

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The Job of Finding the Best PHP Development Company for you, Made Easy

As more number of businesses begin to realise the importance of a having an internet presence and plan the development of their website there are more Web Development companies that offer PHP development services. Thus it becomes harder for a business to select the best PHP Development company. The fact of the matter is that […]

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Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Mobile Application Firm

With a rise in the demand of the mobile applications there are several Mobile Development firms that offer such services and hence this makes selecting the right one a bit harder. It is common for many to search for a good mobile application development company in India on the Internet. The fact that the Internet […]

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The rise and rise of PHP as a Web Development Programming Language

PHP is one of the few languages that has been specially developed for the Internet. It is essentially server scripting language that can be used to make dynamic websites. However PHP has come a long way. A new version of PHP, PHP 7 is due to be released soon. There is a lot of hype […]

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WordPress – Tops Tips to Optimise Your Website for Speed and Security

WordPress is one of the best open source blogging tool and content management system and furthermore it is a free download from their website. wordpress has a good content management system too and many features built in. In addition to which the plug-in feature allows even more functionality to be added to your wordpress website. […]

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Overview of Magento – The SEO Perspective

Magento is one of the most popular open source software that is used as an e-commerce solution by many different companies around the world. It also happens to extremely search engine friendly which works in the favor of the business since it is it is a highly competitive world out there. Magento allows you to […]

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