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15 Travel Apps That Every Traveler Should Be Using

Traveling is one of the most significant attributes to living a healthy and refreshing life. While traveling has been in vogue since ancient times to lure the wanderlust of individuals. It has gained significant importance in the modern era due to the advent of health and wellness among the workaholics. The advent of corporate life […]

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Digital Marketing Tips For Holiday Season

Digital Marketing Tips For Holiday Season

Digital marketing has revolutionized the business world in all accounts. It is almost impossible to predict the future inroad that the different digital landscapes will be going through in the future. It is important to note in this regard that different business entities irrespective of their business verticals are making constant efforts to make their […]

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Top Trends in the World of Mobile Application Development

The world of mobile has truly achieved a completely new horizon in the past few years. It is almost impossible to gauge where this technical advancement will shape up in future. The advancements in the technical segment have completely changed the perception of the consumers in all accounts. The advent of smartphones has opened up […]

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Need of Taxi Management Systems for More Satisfied Customers

By 2015, revenues of taxi services in the United States are projected to reach approximately 2.65 billion U.S. Dollars and 3.36 billion U.S. Dollars in UK.(Source: Statista) Are you able to make it to the profit makers list of tax operators and service providers? Technology is rapidly evolving with time. It is almost impossible to […]

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The Qualities one can expect from a Good Web Development Company

With all the experience and expertise to develop a well suited for your purpose we help you develop your strategy to stay ahead of the competition. We have a team of well trained and certified developers with the support of the infrastructure and facilities to handle any task. Besides which since we happen to be a multiple technology solution provider we always have plenty of resources at hand to make sure we always deliver on time, as per the requirements and maintain a high standard of quality. With a high client retention rate and several testimonials from our previous clients that hold our claim as being a competent web development company, you will be in safe hands when you pick us.

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Magneto and it’s Endless list of Features

Magento is an open source ecommerce software and is free for all to download from their website. There were three different type of Magento available of which one is free. Magento Go is the one targeted at small businesses while Magento Enterprise edition is targeted at small to medium size businesses. (However Magento Go has […]

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Tips for PSD to HTML Conversion Service

Web Design is almost like an art by itself and includes a great deal of creativity. Although many website designers tend to follow the current trend and are even influenced from the existing websites they do not make a copy of them. The final design of their’s is more to do with their creativity and […]

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AIS Technolabs - Offshore Web Development Company

Tips to be Better at Web Application Development

Web Application Development is task that has a varying degree of difficulty. Basic Web Application Development is simple enough for anyone who is tech savvy to perform. However effective Web Application Development that makes a difference in business sense depends on many factors. The skills required include programming skills in one of the programming languages […]

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Tips on How to Hire a WordPress Development Company in India

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS around. Almost every business owner has now realized the importance of an online presence and how not having one is hurting their business. WordPress is thus often the optimal solution for many small and medium sized business. The reason being the ease of use of WordPress and […]

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