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eCommerce development

7 reasons to add shopping cart abandonment to your website

Doing online shopping is one of the best practices to make things in one and also to save money. Shopping cart abandonment can be called as an outbreak in ecommerce website development services. Depending upon the choice of the user, the time, year and the website, abandonment varies generally from 60{4890f095b1211df949b6ca6b3356083941f9466ab10f24d88b9db621ff96977d} to 80{4890f095b1211df949b6ca6b3356083941f9466ab10f24d88b9db621ff96977d}. It can […]


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Landing Page for Better SEO

Simple Tips to Know How Long should a Landing Page Be

A landing page is very important for a website or blog. It helps getting good rank in search engines. When you are creating a landing page, you must see whether it is user-friendly and search engine friendly at the same time. You should see your visitors and navigation first then search engine, because you are […]

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Optimizepress SEO tips

10 Optimizepress SEO Tips Rank Higher By Using These Simple Tips

1. Use the Blog Template to create a blog on your domain, you will need to watch OP tutorials.  Optimizepress comes with a built in blog template which is very easy to use. It is not very fancy out of the box, but you need to make it look like the way you want. This […]

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ASP dot net developer

Why ASP.Net Is Best For Emerging Businesses

Business website designing and development is entirely different from the regular web development projects. Subtle marketing messages toned down design aesthetics, and mobile oriented agile development methodology, are deciding factors for the success of your business websites. Hence when you get down to designing websites for startups and SME businesses, it is mission critical to […]

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How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Good Mobile App Developer

With the increasing dependence on ‘on-the-go operations’, mobile app development services seems to be the need of the hour. Whether it’s for booking a cab ride or reserving a special table at the restaurant, there’s an app for almost everything. Quite naturally, mobile applications are gaining huge importance in the business arena. With more and […]

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mobile apps

Designing Innovative iPhone Application Development For Customers

In the tech-savvy world, living without innovative mobile applications is formidable enough and this is the reason that mobile app developers have been trying to develop some of the most innovative applications for the customers. However, when it comes to iPhone applications development services things might turn out to be tricky as there are so […]

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Influence of IPTV On The Modern Business World

The internet world is the very essence of humanity these days. We all are somewhat aligned to the internet in one way or the other for our informative or entertainment needs. In fact, we all see the internet as one of the greatest additions to our daily life convenience in all accounts. The rapid developments […]

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mobile ux design

Mobile UX Design Tips to Create User Friendly Apps

Mobile phones have revolutionized our lives. They are our partners right from the time we are awake till we go to sleep. If you forget to carry the mobile phone by any chance when you leave your house, a sense of uneasiness will haunt you throughout the day. It will only be okay when you […]

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